Friday, January 16, 2009


More fun than ##politics

This is an irc channel on the freenode network ( devoted to the colemak keyboard layout. This layout is the best layout for typing in the english language, though it's also great for spanish and japanse. Yes, it's better than dvorak. If dvorak is the mac of keyboard layouts, colemak is the Ubuntu.

But we're fun loving people here on #colemak, so if you just want to engage in completely random conversation or even operating system flame wars, feel free to drop by.


(01:58:16 PM) leo_rockway: that was just reductio ad absurdum
(01:58:33 PM) ethan: watch yourself or I'll get ad hominum up in here
(01:58:38 PM) ethan: with my FIST
(01:58:53 PM) ethan: how's that for absurdum?
(01:59:01 PM) leo_rockway: then I'd call you a nazi and summon Godwin's law
(01:59:16 PM) leo_rockway: I win \o/
(01:59:19 PM) leo_rockway: er... no
(01:59:21 PM) ethan: +1 nazi
(01:59:26 PM) ethan: I summon picachu
(01:59:26 PM) leo_rockway: it's the other way round...
(01:59:34 PM) leo_rockway: I summon squirtle
(01:59:45 PM) ethan: I summon metallic potassium
(01:59:47 PM) leo_rockway: I attack your electric pokemon with my water pokemon water attack
(01:59:53 PM) leo_rockway: it's super effective \o/
(02:00:12 PM) ethan: You have been pwned by a grue
(02:00:18 PM) leo_rockway: grue?
(02:00:22 PM) leo_rockway: !define grue
(02:00:33 PM) ethan: put that in your Awesome Bar
(02:00:43 PM) ethan:
(02:01:09 PM) leo_rockway: what Awesome Bar?
(02:01:10 PM) Iggy_Koopa: hominem, not hominum
(02:01:16 PM) leo_rockway: I use KDE not awesome
(02:01:19 PM) leo_rockway: yeah, Iggy_Koopa is right
(02:01:27 PM) Iggy_Koopa: Pikachu, not picachu
(02:01:40 PM) ethan: Iggy_Koopa: Thank you, for corrrrrrecting me
(02:02:21 PM) leo_rockway: Iggy_Koopa: you know how to spell pikachu, you nerd! (?)
(02:02:21 PM) ***ethan lets you get eaten by Lacrimose Leeches
(02:02:36 PM) leo_rockway: ethana2: I didn't eat before going into Lacrimose Lake
(02:02:58 PM) Iggy_Koopa: The Series of Unfortunate Events is so old
(02:03:11 PM) Iggy_Koopa: and the ending was so anticlimatic
(02:03:23 PM) leo_rockway: Iggy_Koopa: yeah, and awesome
(02:03:33 PM) ethan: leo_rockway: hahaha
(02:03:37 PM) ethan: leo_rockway: yes, awesome
(02:03:41 PM) ethan: leo_rockway: smart move, not eating

He didn't eat. I didn't see that one coming. Now we'll just have to engage in some arm wrestling or maybe a random klingon duel to the death. See you on #colemak!

When you show up, chances are someone will say 'hi' to you. If not, pick a random person and smack 'em, like so:
/me smacks random_person
They'll either ask you why or smack you back. Just smack 'em again.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


1224 people in room

Let me ask you, my dear reader, a question. Have you ever been in a room with 1224 people and been able to so much as hear yourself think?

Me neither.

The #ubuntu channel is nearly useless. irc just doesn't work at that scale. The sooner we admit that, the sooner we can generate and implement a solid solution.

Vote this up.