Thursday, June 22, 2006

And so it begins.

I think its safe to say that if you walk up to some random pedestrian and say, "Hey, dude. Is the system screwed up?" They might just say, "Yup." without knowing what part and how. The system is messed up. Common knowledge. Let me give you the details. First, lets lay out categories, and then I'll show you a system layout that is NOT messed up, so everyone out there can see what it is.

English- duh.
The government- duh again.
Our system of education- you don't say!
Our system of economy- this is kind of obvious, right?
Our systems of measurement- see that one coming?
Our systems of comunication- 56k, need I say more?
Our basis of belief- Atheism, etc...
Capyrights and Patents- Google "GNU".

I typed one page just now. And intentionally deleted it. Keep it simple. Keep it straight on. So I begin anew. Lets get some important concepts out of the way first.

Free money causes problems. What is given to a person, they value less than if they had earned it themselves, and thus are more inclined to use it unwisely.

Free market/capitalism is the system that human nature implements by default. "You want this? How much are you willing to give me for it?"

Monarchy/oligarchy is the simplest form of actual government to put into practice.

Democracy in its full form can only be put into a place of power by information technology we have not until recently in human history posessed.

A republic is a compromise between a democracy and an oligarchy. It has some of the advantages, and some of the disadvantages of both.

If God is not who you rely on, you are powerless. If God is on your side, though you be more helpless than the weak you are stronger than the mighty.

Truth is not meant to be witheld. Truth is meant to be given to all for free. All truth. You don't say to a person, "Hey, you want the good news? Give me your wallet and I'll tell you." Sure, it would be worth it. But doing things that way is wrong. God gave you that truth. God gave you all the abilities you have. Let's apply the concept, shall we, to patents. "Hey, I came up with that design! You can't use that! I'll sue!" So, the other dude goes and does something else instead, and progress, once again, has been impeded for persuit of personal gain.

Now lets go back and look at a popular mantra of the U.S.

Life, liberty, and the persuit of happyness. Hmm... Seek ye first the kingdom of God, and all these things shall be added unto you.

Because the direct persuit of happiness doesn't lead to happiness! It leads to destruction, inneficiency, disorder, competition.... all that. The form of government that I propose works like this. You have God's people. They unite. You have a state that in practice is a pure sovreign democracy, and in effect is a theocracy. It's citizens, being the members of the body of Christ, work as a body, as opposed to a bunch of random rivaling entities like corporations and political parties and activist groups and secret societies and cartels. Simplicity. You have a central IT backbone through which all data travels. All data is free to all citizens, all citizens do their best to contribute. Because the state IS the kingdom of God on earth until he comes again, and everytime a part of the body does its part, the entire people benefits. Currency is redefined. No one is obligated to honor it but the state. People's obligations are to the kingdom, and currency is but a quantization of what they have worked for and are worthy to receive. I-owe-you's from the governmental structure, if you will. The state has departments of different things, which keep track of what the people need to have done, and coordinate the people's efforts in the most productive way possible. People lay out plans for a processor and operating system, people work through plans, plans get done in such a manner. New technology is discovered, everyone learns about it within a day or two, technology is implemented immediately. A sweet application is developed for a particular purpose, everyone gets to use it right away. Someone sees a way to improve it, collaborates with department, application improved, everyone can update... Some one sees a possiblity for a new program, brings it to the public's attention, public sees it too, project begins, project ends, everyone benefits.

And so it would go... but back to the communication system. Everyone needs the equivalent of:
--a cell phone. A person should always be able to be directly contacted.
--a PC.
--an online profile and address through which to send an receive communication, vote, discuss, blog, and all that. Every time a new service is thought of, account functionality simply expands to include it. Like.... Google! You know, email, IM, search, blogging, online file storage...

The results of this system would be very similar to Firefox, Linux, Open Office, and all that. GNU General Public Liscence. All the way. (At this point, I'd like to urge you to boycott all software that costs money... like Windows Vista and Microsoft Office...) Stuff gets better, its free, modify it as needed, no problems. Good system. Wikipedia, MySpace, all that, too. Everyone has a net-passport-profile kind of thing, everyone works together regardless of physical location..

I'll begin a new post now...

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