Monday, September 4, 2006

All the stuff that wouldn't fit in the 1200 character limit of "About Me"...

First, I'll describe what one would note about my personality. I'm rather quiet most of the time, but I speak when spoken to. I try to use my brain as much as possible, but I get nervous around girls, inhibiting its proper functioning. I don't like having attention drawn to me amongst large numbers of people, especially when that group includes females. I'm strange, but I don't want it to scare people away. I'm not after girlfriend-boyfriend relationships really, because I've always liked someone, and it never ends well in my experience..., but I want to keep all my friendly and distant relationships positive and healthy. For better or worse, I care very much what people think of me. I value respect, but I have rather weak power of will. As I go through my day, I try to obey as many rules as possible, hold doors for people, and acknowledge people's presences by nodding my head. If you don't know me, that's a general overview of what you'd see. If you do, I hope this makes things clearer regarding my tendency to avoid people in general. If you are a female I know and wish to talk to me, modesty, sincerity, and frequency of communication are excellent alleviators of my nervousness. Let's see here, to summarize the rest, I'm a geek, and when nervous I can be a klutz as well. I enjoy intelligent discussion, and from the odd perspective of inside my brain, I'd describe it as a rather noisy environment, always thinking about something. Sometimes it annoys me, but I have a relatively well defined interface with the world, and thus don't generally come off as a complete ADD. Like many others, I've never been officially diagnosed, but I have my suspicions. I just kind of keep most of it inside. Except, well, at home. In that case, I'm quite random... sometimes witty, etc. My mom thinks I'm funny, at least.

Here's some other random background.

I used to do basically all of my homework and ace everything. Then, third semester freshman year, I was sick for a week and my propensity for late assignments caught up to me. I never wanted to be the guy who never did his homework, but over the following years, it is essentially what I became. (Pray for me.)

On a random note, I value my hair. Longer hair is freedom for me, but none of my older family members, (grandma, mom, dad...) like it because every once in a while it hides my eyes. When it is as long as I like it, I usually sport the "beach boy" look.

I'm weird. I like to think- I analyze everything. I believe all information should be free. I'm not a commie, and I'm not a capitalist. I like to exchange knowledge with persons near and far. IT is an extension of my mind. I like Google, and I like Firefox, Linux, and Open Office. Current projects:
Government and Educational system.
PC architecture.
I was going to do a programming language too, but Twilight is looking good... Python if that doesn't turn out...
And for old friends who may come across this, I'd love to talk to you too. Social networking is one of those things I always looked forward to. (If only I could....) Now I can. (Exactly like Google Earth) Please allow me to recreate old connections. All you people who went to school with me, or Boy Scouts, or church... or various combinations of the aforementioned... If I happen to forget your name, which is likely, show me your face.

Email: (checked daily)
Verizon: 402-740-8740
Home (I may be online)402-498-4423
MSN messenger, Skype.

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Kumail.H.T said...

reading this article was like seeing my self in the mirror .. i guess its coz of the smartness :)