Saturday, December 27, 2008

Corner Case

Hi, I'm the corner case. I'm the guy you always leave out in the cold, the one you say is crazy. I do things with your software you never thought anyone would attempt. I innovate, I drive progress, and yet you shun me, ignore me, tell me what I'm doing isn't 'supported'.

I'm the one sending SMS, facebookchat messages, and tweets from pidgin. The one claiming that window-picker-appet is the savior of the gnome desktop. The one who made that dual seat rig with userful and pulseaudio. I'm the guy who uses gnome screensavers as my desktop background.

I run into your odd bugs, the ugly ones you hope no one will ever see. I submit the feature requests that put that silly, confused look on your face. I know where your project is going, I know its destiny. Please, listen to me--

I'm the corner case.

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